Terms and Conditions of Registration to Sport Courses

Upon registration at sport.mup.cz, participants in MUP sport courses are required to:

  1. Pay the course fee*
  2. Fill in and sign the Application to MUP Sport Club

Payment Information: *

The course fee must be paid in full at the latest two days before the beginning of the course. Please pay the course fee via bank transfer to MUP Sport Club bank account

Account number: 2400300247/2010

To identify your payment, please state your first and last name + selected course title(s) in the purpose of payment (or message for beneficiary) or make the payment using a postal order - write your date of birth as the variable symbol (in the YYMMDD format). Postal orders are available in office no. 028 of MUP Strašnice building during the office hours of the Head of MUP Sport Club, Mr. Milan Šafr.

* neplatí pro kurz golfu, studenti přihlášení na lekce golfu zaplatí částku za semestr před první hodinou na recepci v Erpetu
Golf - všeobecné podmínky

Registration to Sport Courses